Your 2024 Dublin Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Checklist for bathroom renovation

Embarking on a bathroom renovation entails careful planning due to various factors impacting both your time and finances.
The average cost for a mid-range bathroom remodel in Dublin in 2024 is €8,000-€15,000, necessitating thoughtful consideration before diving into the project. The main areas to consider are these key aspects: budget, design, plumbing, tiling and contractor.
Here’s your checklist for a successful project.


Budget Considerations for Your Bathroom Renovation:

  1. Evaluate Your Finances: Assess your financial capacity and obtain estimates from multiple contractors, setting realistic expectations
  1. Consider The Essentials: Tailor your renovation plan to prioritize essential elements, allowing for flexibility in the budget
  1. Add A Little More Than You Think You’ll Need: Account for potential plumbing issues by leaving a 10% cushion in your budget
  1. Payment Options: Explore various payment options, including home term loans, refinancing, and personal savings
  1. Stay On Track: Maintain a spreadsheet to track actual spending against budgeted amounts


Design Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel Checklist:


  1. Slip-Resistant Floor Additions: Choose slip-resistant flooring to prevent accidents in wet areas. Consider electric heated flooring for added comfort
  1. Bathroom cabinets: Invest in quality, moisture-resistant cabinetry to maximize storage and counter space
  1. Countertops: Opt for low-maintenance options for durability and easy cleaning
  1. Tiling: Choose between cost-effective options or more luxury targeted tile installation based on your budget
  1. Lighting: Select colour-corrected lighting options for grooming and makeup application, considering task, ambient, and decorative lighting


Plumbing Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel Checklist:


  1. Shower and Bath Drain Size: Consider a larger drain to prevent clogging and reduce long-term maintenance costs
  1. Recessed Cabinets: Plan for plumbing reconfiguration if you are thinking about recessed cabinets
  1. Shower Flooring Optimised to Drain: Ensure proper installation to prevent water accumulation and drainage issues
  1. Under Cabinet Plumbing: Consider plumbing implications when installing new cabinets, either working around existing plumbing or budgeting for reconfiguration
  1. Insulated Plumbing Along Exterior Walls: Insulate plumbing as necessary to prevent bursting in freezing conditions


Contractor Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodel Checklist:


  1. Ask For References: Collect unbiased references and reviews from friends and homeowners who had similar renovations
  1. Choose Someone You Can Trust In Your Home: Select a contractor aligned with your values, emphasising trustworthiness and respect for your home – check the reviews!
  1. Insurance Coverage: Verify the contractor’s insurance coverage for personal liability, workers’ compensation, and property damage
  1. Subcontractors: Inquire about subcontractors, ensuring a solid track record and timely completion of the renovation.
Liam Nolan

A Trusted Partner: LN Bathroom Renovations Dublin specialises in bathroom renovation guaranteeing quality craftsmanship. Our founder Liam Nolan ensures competitive prices, always less than showroom prices. Liam and his team will guide your bathroom renovation plan to a successful conclusion. Consider these key factors as you review your bathroom renovation checklist, to bring your vision to reality!